Mountain Dulcimers

The Mountain Dulcimer has developed from similar Medieval European instruments. Since first appearing as we now know it in the Appalachian Mountains over 150 years ago, the mountain dulcimer has become one of the most popular and recognizable folk instruments in the United States. With a resurgence of interest in our American heritage, a renewed curiosity in the mountain dulcimer has emerged. The haunting melodies from this nearly forgotten instrument are now broadcast through the air by the modern technology of television and radio. For years confined to the hills and rural areas of America, mountain dulcimers now can be found throughout the country. Easy to learn and fun to play, the mountain dulcimer is an excellent instrument for all ages.

Here at the Flat Creek Dulcimer Shop in Hardy, Arkansas we offer a fine selection of Handmade Mountain Dulcimers. Our very own instruments are made right here using only select Ozark hardwoods. All of our dulcimers are constructed of solid wood with no plywood or veneers used. Each instrument is made “from scratch” in our shop.

The backs and tops are bookmatched for a pleasant, professional appearance. Bookmatching adds a balanced symmetrical look and enhances the sound characteristics.

To insure stability, our Dulcimers are braced inside. Top Braces help keep the Fret Board straight and back braces help prevent warping. We also use lining strips or Kerfing at the joints where the sides meet the back and top. This increases the surface area of the glue joint and adds strength.

We use cast, sealed tuners to insure ease of tuning and long mechanical life. These have long been considered one of the best tuners available, and we agree. With smooth action and a 14 to 1 Gear Ratio, they make tuning simple.

Our Flat Creek Dulcimers have a fret scale of 28 7/16", and all include the 6 1/2 fret. Overall length is 36" Width is 7 1/2" at the lower bout, and overall body depth (not including fretboard) is 2". Fret board width is 1 1/2".

We use several different woods in many combinations.  All of our mountain dulcimers are made from solid wood with solid wood Rosette soundholes. All of our Dulcimers include T.K.O’Brien’s Guide to Playing The Mountain Dulcimer (we believe to be the best Beginning Book available), a Padded Nylon Case, a Pick, and a Noter and Lifetime Warranty. The book uses an easy to follow play-by-number method that will have anyone making music in minutes.


A popular beginner instrument is our very own Flat Creek "Box Dulcimer".   The box shape and birch veneer construction let us make this great sounding dulcimer very affordable.  Price includes dulcimer, pick, noter and   T.K.O'Brien's Guide to Playing the Mountain Dulcimer.  This model also comes with the numbers laser engraved on the fretboard.  Along with great sound, great playability, and a great price, this is a perfect "starter" dulcimer. Types of woods may vary.  Also makes a good investment as a second dulcimer for optional tunings.

A very useful addition is an electronic chromatic tuner. These make tuning a snap and keep your dulcimer sounding its best. They are $20. We also have several other instruction books and music tapes and CD’s.

GUARANTEE: Our dulcimers are guaranteed to be free of defective materials and workmanship at the time of purchase and for the entire time of your ownership. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or accidental damage and is not transferable to subsequent owners.

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Box Mountain Dulcimer
Our Box Dulcimers are designed with the beginner in mind but also makes an affordable second dulc..
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Walnut Mountain Dulcimer with Birds Eye Maple Top
Solid walnut back, sides and fretboard with a walnut peghead and bookmatched bird's eye..
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Box Dulcimer Case
Durable heavy duty nylon gig bag with 1/2 inch padding, inner lined, shoulder strap and zippered ..
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Walnut Mountain Dulcimer with Walnut Top
Solid Walnut Mountain Dulcimer with bookmatched Walnut back with highly figured Curly Maple "skun..
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